Thursday, 3 August 2017

Formula Student Netherlands at TT Circuit Assen - 17-20th of July 2017 - Assen, Netherlands

Had a privilege to travel to Assen, Netherlands, and visit the first ever Formula Student Netherlands competition together with our University's Formula Student team, Formula Student Oulu Ry. The event was held at the famous 500 cc and MotoGP race track called TT Circuit Assen, The Cathedral of Speed. 

Formula Student is a technical competition for students. The idea is to build a working prototype race car, which complies with the Formula Student rule book. Competition is divided to static and dynamic events. Static events include Business Plan Presentation, Cost & Manufacturing and Engineering Design events. Acceleration, Skidpad, Autocross and Endurance are called dynamic events.

All the teams had go through a series of tests before they were allowed to compete at the dynamic events. Chassis, safety and technical inspections together with brake, noise and tilt test had to be cleared before you were allowed to enter the race track.

37 teams participated to this year's competition. 22 of them were powered with internal combustion engines and 15 of them had electric powertrains. TU Valencia was crowned the overall winner of the whole competition after taking first places in Autocross, Endurance, Efficiency and CV events. You can find all the results from this link. Remember to also check the events Facebook page for more photos and coverage.

Map of the venue with all the event locations.

Starting line of TT Circuit Assen.

Speeding Scientist Siegen, University of Siegen

AGH Racing Team from
AGH University of Science and Technology

ISAT Formula Team,
Institut Supérieur de l'Automobile et des Transports

Mitz Racing Team, ENIM

Safety, chassis and technical inspections
were held at the Techno Centre.

WHZ Racing Team's race car from UAS Zwickau
waiting for technical inspection.

Fuel station was near the practice area.

RUB Motorsport, Ruhr University Bochum, at the testing area.

AAU Racing from Aalborg University at the testing area.

Superior Engineering from University of Ljubljana, Slovenia,
heading to the practice area.

FESB Racing Team, University of Split,
waiting near the practice area.

municHMotorsport from UAS Munich waiting their turn.

Waiting line for brake test.

Acceleration event was held at the main straight.

Teams waiting at the pit lane near the acceleration event.

Chalmers Formula Student, Chalmers University of Technology

Push bars were used to move the car around the venue.
Here's an example from T.U. Lasi Racing,
Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Lasi.

USM from University of Strathclyde at the pit lane.

Scuderia Mensa, Hochschule RheinMain

University Racing Eindhoven, TU Eindhoven,
won the acceleration event.

Skidpad circuit, a figure eight, was irrigated before each run.

Waiting line for skidpad event.

Autocross and endurance events were held at the junior track. 

Polimarche Racing Teams, Universita Politechnica delle Marche,
endurance run was cut short after rear control arm failure.

Entrance and exit of TT Circuit Assen, Tunnel of Fame.