Monday, 8 December 2014

Rear wheel bearings and brake shoes - Suzuki T250J

Next thing on the list of many things was to replace rear wheel bearings and fix the wheel fitment. Old owner of the bike had installed a wrong spacer to the rear wheel axle which was a bit too long. I tried to order the correct spacer (part number 09180-25011, dimension 25 x 30,5 x 11,3 mm) from my local Suzuki parts dealer but they told me that it was no longer in production. Instead I  had to order a spacer (part number 09180-25033) with dimensions close to the original one (25 x 32 x 10,7 mm). With a different size spacer I also had to replace the oil seal around it. To get the correct length for the spacer I cut out four shim plates with a laser cutter from a 0,6 mm thick stainless steel sheet.

Here is a list of all the parts I purchased:

  Quantity    Part number       Part                                                                     Dimension [mm]

- 1 pc.          63032RS            Right rear wheel ball bearing 6303              17 x 47 x 14
- 1 pc.          62032RS            Left rear wheel ball bearing 6203                 17 x 40 x 12
- 1 pc.          09262-25003     Rear sprocket hub ball bearing 6205           25 x 52 x 15
- 1 pc.          09180-25033     Rear axle spacer                                               25 x 32 x 10,7
- 1 pc.                                       Sprocket hub oil seal                                       32 x 52 x 8
- 1 pc.                                       Spacer shim plate                                             25 x 32 x 0,6
- 1 pc.          MCS 904           TRW Lucas brake shoes GT 250 380 500   180 x 28

New rear wheel and sprocket hub bearings for my Suzuki T250J.
Spacer, oil seal and shim plates for the rear axle. 

I removed the right side bearing first with a heat gun by heating the bearing housing from the outside. I didn't want to remove the rubber cushions from the left side. Old rubber cracks easily and I didn't want to break them. To get the left side bearing out I heated the bearing housing from the inside and pushed the bearing out. 

Old rear wheel bearings removed.
I was able to drop the new bearings in place easily after heating the bearing housing with a heat gun.

New bearing in place.
I did the same thing to the rear sprocket hub and installed new brake shoes to the brake hub.

New sprocket hub bearing in place.
Fitting the new spacer and oil seal.
New brake shoes.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Replacing crankshaft bearings and connecting rods - Suzuki T250J

First step of my engine rebuild was to get new parts for the old crankshaft and send it to the local machine shop to get sorted out since I don't have the capacity to fix it on my own.

Here is a list of all the parts I bought for it:

  Quantity    Part number       Part                                                                     Dimension [mm]

- 2 pc.          12161-18000     GT250K,L T350 connection rod
- 2 pc.          12211-18000     Lower connection rod pin                             20 x 57
- 2 pc.          09263-20020     Lower connection rod needle bearing         20 x 26 x 16,7
- 4 pc.          09160-20010     Crankshaft thrust washer                                33,8 x 20,2 x 1
- 2 pc.          12151-08001     Piston pin                                                          16 x 44,5
- 2 pc.          09263-16015     Small end bearing                                            16 x 21 x 19,6

- 1 pc.          12231-18000     Center crankshaft pin

- 1 pc.          09262-25009    Center ball bearing Koyo 83197-9                25 x 65 x 17
- 2 pc.          09269-25005    Side ball bearing Koyo 83190-9TC3 NR     25 x 65 x 17/14

- 2 pc.          09283-25032    Center crankshaft oil seal                                 25 x 65 x 12/14
- 1 pc.          09283-32001    Right side crankshaft oil seal        
- 1 pc.          09283-25019    Left side crankshaft oil seal                              25 x 65 x 12

Suzuki T250J crankshaft and new parts for it.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Maintaining front forks - Suzuki T250J

I decided to start this project by maintaining the old stock front suspension. First thing do to was to disassemble the front shocks.

Disassembled Suzuki T250J front shocks.
Each shock has two different size O-rings and and one oil seal which I replaced with these ones:

- 2 pieces Oil seal 34 x 46 x 10,5 mm
- 2 pieces O-ring NBR 70 39,20 x 3,00 mm
- 2 pieces O-ring NBR 70 21,82 x 3,53 mm.

I also bought some new fork oil. I added 1,90 deciliters of fork oil to each shock.

Set of O-rings and oil seals for Suzuki T250J front shocks. 
Seals in place. Oil seals came with some own lubricant.
Last thing to do was to put the shocks back together.

Suzuki T250J front shocks back together.

New project starts - Suzuki T250J

After selling all of my old bikes my garage felt a bit empty. I was looking for a cheap project bike and managed to find this old aircooled 2-stroke Suzuki T250 near of my hometown. Old owner of the bike had assembled the bike on it's wheels but not put it all together. Leftover parts came in a big cardboard box including engine parts. I guess the bike has not been in a running condition for over 10 years. Someone has painted majority of the parts with semi-gloss black paint in the past. In the picture below the bike is nearly in the same condition which I bought it.

Suzuki T250J '75 in the condition I bought it