Sunday, 30 November 2014

Maintaining front forks - Suzuki T250J

I decided to start this project by maintaining the old stock front suspension. First thing do to was to disassemble the front shocks.

Disassembled Suzuki T250J front shocks.
Each shock has two different size O-rings and and one oil seal which I replaced with these ones:

- 2 pieces Oil seal 34 x 46 x 10,5 mm
- 2 pieces O-ring NBR 70 39,20 x 3,00 mm
- 2 pieces O-ring NBR 70 21,82 x 3,53 mm.

I also bought some new fork oil. I added 1,90 deciliters of fork oil to each shock.

Set of O-rings and oil seals for Suzuki T250J front shocks. 
Seals in place. Oil seals came with some own lubricant.
Last thing to do was to put the shocks back together.

Suzuki T250J front shocks back together.

New project starts - Suzuki T250J

After selling all of my old bikes my garage felt a bit empty. I was looking for a cheap project bike and managed to find this old aircooled 2-stroke Suzuki T250 near of my hometown. Old owner of the bike had assembled the bike on it's wheels but not put it all together. Leftover parts came in a big cardboard box including engine parts. I guess the bike has not been in a running condition for over 10 years. Someone has painted majority of the parts with semi-gloss black paint in the past. In the picture below the bike is nearly in the same condition which I bought it.

Suzuki T250J '75 in the condition I bought it