Sunday, 22 February 2015

Rotisserie for my Bug's body and pan - '65 Typ-1

Isometric view of the rotisserie for VW Bug's body.

Isometric view of the rotisserie with supports for VW Bug's pan.

Profiles used to build the rotisserie.

Measurements used for middle beam of the rotisserie.

Measurements for the end beams.

Measurements for front and rear axle supports.

Measurements of supports for pan.

Materials for the middle beam.

Wheels and brackets.

Materials for front and rear axle supports.

Started the build by drilling 12 mm holes to angle irons and end beams.

I attached the angle irons to the end beams with M10x80 bolts...

...and welded nuts to them.

Then I attached the angle irons to the ends of the middle beam and welded them in place.

I also welded nuts to pipes which belong to the end of the posts of the middle beam.

Pipe tacked to the post...

...and welded.

Posts tacked in place.

Rotisserie standing.

I drilled holes to wheel brackets and sanded them.

Then I welded the brackets to the end beams and finished welding the posts.

Finally got the rotisserie on its wheels.

Supports for the body welded.

Supports for the pan.

Rotisserie ready for use.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Introducing my Bug project - '65 Typ-1

I bought this '65 1200 Bug around two years ago. At the time I had also another older Fifties oval windowed Bug project in my garage which was missing quite a few parts. I wanted to own one which was a bit more complete. So I wrote a want to buy add to our local VW forum and ended up buying this one. I managed to sell my oval bug last autumn and now I have a bit more space in my garage for this one.

I don't have a special plan for the car yet and it is not going to be a short term project. I'm going to focus on getting my Suzuki T250J ready for the summer. I have already disassembled the car and separated the body from the floor pan. I'm going start from restoring the floor pan first by changing the floor plates and napoleon hat and go on from there. The body is going to need extensive rust repair but I'm not going the start repairing it before I finish the floor pan. This bug still has its original 1200 engine and transmission which I'm also going to rebuild.