Monday, 9 March 2015

Some GT parts - Suzuki T250J

I have been scavenging some parts for my Suzuki. I saw an advert for GT550K parts nearby. The guy selling those parts is building a flat tracker out of '73 GT550K and he replaced the old suspension with KTM parts. First time I went to meet him I bought those rear shocks seen in the picture and a tail light. After a while I decided to buy the front fork also. Fuel and oil tanks are from GT250 as well as the seat. I bought the seat from a Finnish auction site and found the fuel tank from a guy from southern Finland. I bought the oil tank from ebay.

The front fork is a bit different than the one in my T250J. I'm going to replace the stock triple clamps with custom made parts and lower the shocks as well. So stay tuned for that. GT250 fuel tank is a bit dinged and is going to need a bit of straightening, bondo and a fresh paint.

Front forks and rear shocks are from '73 GT550K.
Fuel and oil tank as well as the seat are from GT250.