Saturday, 18 April 2015

T500 swingarm swap - Suzuki T250J

I was already planning to fabricate a longer swingarm to my Suzuki until I came across a T500 project thread in which displayed a T500 swingarm. I wondered if it would fit to my T250. 

I started comparing part numbers from T500 and T250 swingarm and rear wheel parts lists and realized that most of the bushings and spacers for swingarm axles were same. Part numbers for different rear wheel parts seemed to match as well.

I made a want to by add for T500 swingarm to our local Finnish veteran motorcycle website/forum and quickly came by one. Same guy who sold me the GT250 fuel tank had one in store. He also recommended that I buy a rear brake cable as well since it's a little bit longer in T500 than T250.

Suzuki T500 swingarm and axle, rear brake cable and oil tank.

Comparison of T500 and T250 swingarms.

Overall length of T250's swingarm is app. 385 mm and T500's 505 mm (axle to axle). Width of both axle's fastening points are same in both swingarms (182 mm for swingarm axle with bushings in place and 195 mm for rear wheel axle (inner dimension)). Fastening point in frame is 190 mm wide (inner dimension).

Comparison of T500 (upper) and T250 brake cables and swingarm axles.

T500's rear brake cable's housing is 445 mm long and T250's 310 mm. Both swingarm axles are 14 mm thick. T500's axle is 249 mm long and T250's 225 mm. Threads are 25 mm long in both axles.

Fastening points for rear shocks in T500 swingarm are a bit wider than in T250 frame (224 mm vs 208 mm) so I had to lathe couple of bushings to get rear shocks lined. Other than that swingarm fitted right in place.

Dimensions for bushings,...


... and in place.

Rear shock installed.

Closer side view.

Overall side view of my Suzuki T250. Fuel tank and seat are from GT250.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Mikuni VM26SH twin carburetors - Suzuki T250J

I rebuild twin carburetors for my Suzuki T250J. I cleaned all the metal parts with ultrasonic cleaner. Carburetors had to be disassembled before cleaning. I also bought a pair of Keyster carb kits and replaced old and warn parts. One of the carburetors had a badly warn pilot jet stuck inside which had to be drilled and pulled out with a removal tool. Other than that the carburetors were in pretty good condition.

Mikuni VM26SH carburetors and pair of Keyster carburetor repair kits.

Keyster repair kit (KS-0219) contains main jet #113, pilot jet #25,
jet needle 5CN3 [Y40] and clip,needle valve assembly [2.5], 
pilot air adjusting screw and spring, float chamber gasket, 
mixing chamber cap gasket, carburetor heat insulator gasket and o-ring.

Float chamber after ultrasonic cleaning.

Rebuild Mikuni VM26SH carburetors.