Monday, 13 April 2015

Mikuni VM26SH twin carburetors - Suzuki T250J

I rebuild twin carburetors for my Suzuki T250J. I cleaned all the metal parts with ultrasonic cleaner. Carburetors had to be disassembled before cleaning. I also bought a pair of Keyster carb kits and replaced old and warn parts. One of the carburetors had a badly warn pilot jet stuck inside which had to be drilled and pulled out with a removal tool. Other than that the carburetors were in pretty good condition.

Mikuni VM26SH carburetors and pair of Keyster carburetor repair kits.

Keyster repair kit (KS-0219) contains main jet #113, pilot jet #25,
jet needle 5CN3 [Y40] and clip,needle valve assembly [2.5], 
pilot air adjusting screw and spring, float chamber gasket, 
mixing chamber cap gasket, carburetor heat insulator gasket and o-ring.

Float chamber after ultrasonic cleaning.

Rebuild Mikuni VM26SH carburetors.

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