Monday, 25 May 2015

Billet clip-ons and top yoke - Suzuki T250J

I wanted to create something to my bike with abrasive water jet cutter that we have at our university. I had already machined a billet out of recycled aluminum which was perfect for a top yoke. Size of the billet was 200 x 200 x 23 mm. 

I had previously purchased a pair of billet clip-ons from ebay which I used for an inspiration when I started to design the top yoke. Handlebars sit in a 10 degree angle and they are made out of 22 x 380 mm aluminum tube. Inner diameter of the tube is 16 mm.

Pair of clip-ons I bought from ebay which are meant for 
34 mm tubes. Outside diameter of clamp is 49 mm.
I wanted to implement features from the clip-ons to the design so I designed four symmetrical triangle shaped holes which follow outlines of the top yoke. I also wanted the outside diameter (49 mm) to match.

I used two different softwares to create necessary tool path for the abrasive water jet cutter. Basic outline of the top yoke was designed with CATIA V5. I used CATIA's part design workbench to create a 3D model which I then moved to drafting workbench to create a DXF file. Tool path and DNC file was created with IGEMS.

3D-model of the top yoke without machined features.
Preview of the DXF file.
Last step was to machine all the necessary features with a vertical milling machine and finish the outside surface with flap wheel with shank. I used a round ceramic grinding stick with shank to smooth the triangle shaped holes. I felt that polishing would have taken too much time so I used a finishing pad like Mirlon to get a brushed look.

Workshop drawing.
Top view.
Bottom view.