Thursday, 27 August 2015

Controls, steering damper and gauges - Suzuki T250J

It has been a while since my last update. I started a new job in June and I've been working long hours since then sometimes even on weekends. Not much has happened since May but I have been working on getting the exterior of my bike finished.

I have been planning on getting a pair of bar end mirrors in the future so I purchased a couple of new Domino Dakar grips which have open ends. I also refurbished throttle assembly, clutch and brake levers. I bought new cable adjusters for both levers and a new front brake light switch from ebay. I also replaced old bolts with new hexagon socket head cap screws.

Domino Dakar grips with open ends.

Refurbished levers and throttle assembly.

I managed to find some steering damper parts from a local swap meet in June. Unfortunately knob (51730-08100) was broken so I had to find another. I managed to order one from ebay which didn't include a rod. I wasn't able to make one myself so I contacted a small Finnish metal industry company called Kymen Koneenrakennus Oy ( to help me out. I made a simple drawing of the rod and got it in a couple of days. I also modeled some of the steering damper parts just for fun and made simple drawings of them if someone needs them. 

Steering damper parts.

Bottom of steering damper assembled.

Drawing of steering damper's knob's rod.

Drawing of hub, damper sleeve (51741-08100).

Drawing of bolt, damper lock (51781-08100).

I made a new bracket for speedometer and tachometer out of 2 mm stainless steel sheet. I used the old bracket as a template. I wanted to have the gauges closer together so I made it a bit narrower than the original. I used a bending brake to bend it and I finished the surface with a nylon wire brush to get a nice brushed look.

Drawing of bracket which holds speedometer and tachometer.

Cut and drilled blank for gauge bracket.

Bend part and a vise operated bending brake.

I used a nylon wire brush to polish the bracket.

Bracket in place.

Overall view of controls, steering damper and gauges.