Monday, 9 November 2015

Bates style headlight and custom stainless steel brackets - Suzuki T250J

I wanted a small side mounted headlight for my T250J. It had to be E-marked. I found a suitable one from ebay and ended up buying some rubber inserts with it. The headlight is approximately 155 mm wide with spacers and 110 mm deep without glass. I found some relatively small indicators from my local motorcycle parts store.

I made some custom brackets out of stainless steel sheet. I started by creating few prototypes with a modeling software. After a few models I ended up with a simple one seen in the pictures below. 

Rubber inserts were a bit too big so I shortened them with a knife. I also switch the stock headlight screws to stainless steel cylinder head cap screws which I had to order from ebay since I couldn't find them from my local shops nearby.

5 3/4" Bates style side mount headlight
41 mm rubber inserts for headlight brackets/mounts
Dice Winker Mini Arrow black indicators
Assembly and parts list
Dimensions for clamps
Dimensions for brackets
Cut and drilled blanks
Bend parts with shortened rubber inserts
5/16" UNF A2 stainless steel cylinder head cap screws with
stock headlight screws