Sunday, 24 July 2016

Yamaha RD 350 F2 '88 - Part 3 - New battery Exide EB5L-B 12V 5Ah

When I bought the bike previous owner of it said that current battery in the it doesn't want keep its charge. While driving you definitely noticed it since headlight on it shined quite dim and indicators kept flashing slowly since they didn't get enough current. After going through one of our local parts dealers web site I found a suitable battery to replace the old one. 

I chose Exide EB5L-B (12V 5Ah) which is 120 mm long, 60 mm wide and 130 mm high. It has only 5 Ah but it is still plenty enough for a bike like my RD 350. In a bike like this battery is mainly used to run lights. Since it doesn't have a electric starter it doesn't really need that beefy battery ether. Since it is a conventional battery you need to fill it with acid before installing it.

DISCLAIMER: If you're not 100 % sure of what you're doing don't attempt anything you're not trained to do. Battery acid is a extremely dangerous substance and should not be handled without care. Remember to use proper safety equipment and get acquainted with all the info and instructions provided by the battery manufacturer before attempting anything.

Here's everything what package contains:
battery, acid bottle, overflow hose, bolts and nuts for terminals,
funnels for acid filling and instructions.

Instructions for acid filling on the side of the acid bottle.

First step was to remove red vent caps.

Next step was to install funnels. I also removed red exhaust cap
and added overflow hose.

I removed plastic film around the acid bottle and
pushed it upside down against the funnels.
Remember to leave seals to the acid bottle before filling.
Funnels will puncture them when you push the acid bottle against them.

Lastly I installed back the red vent caps and
added bolts and nuts to positive and negative terminals.
Battery is now ready to be installed.

But before installing it I wanted to test
what kind of voltage I get from it after filling. 

Voltage kept rising quite high.

New battery in place and ready to be tested.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Yamaha RD 350 F2 '88 - Part 2 - Back to stock seat and side panels

After driving a bit over 300 kilometers with my 88' RD 350 F2 I felt I needed to do something to the seating position of the bike. Rear frame of the bike had been modded a bit by the previous owner to get the seating position as low as possible. Fuel tank and seat had also been moved a bit forward. He had changed the angle of the rear frame, upper frame tubes, seat and fuel tank mounts. 

After thinking about it for a while I decided go with the OEM look and buy some stock second hand parts to replace the old and modded parts. List of parts included an air box, inner rear fender, left and right side panels and a seat. Fortunately I managed find some decent/good conditioned parts which matched the color scheme of my bike. Unfortunately I didn't take as much pictures as usual when I fitted all of the parts and unmodified the rear frame but here's few of the end result.