Saturday, 10 June 2017

RAF Red Arrows - Kaivopuisto Air Show - 9th of June 2017 - Helsinki, Finland

Here's couple of photos of Royal Air For Red Arrows' performance, which was part of Kaivopuisto Air Show organised by Finnish Aviation Museum. Thanks for a great and entertaining setting!

This month we reached 10 000 views on my blog and I wanted to thank all my readers, especially all of you who follow my content regularly 😉 10 000 is just a small step compared to more popular sites and blogs but definitely the right direction. 

Unfortunately I haven't been been very active concerning my current motorcycle projects. There have been some changes in my personal life concerning my studies and involvement to other projects, which have affected my contribution. A lot has happen behind the scene and there's lots of progress but punch of small details and loose ends to be taken regard to before releasing new posts.

Nevertheless there's lots of new content coming up during this summer including shows and meet ups. So stay tuned for those! Have a nice summer!

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